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Author Topic: Miserable's Premade Portraits  (Read 609 times)

Offline Miserable

Miserable's Premade Portraits
«: January 02, 2013, 01:44:45 PM»
Well, commissions aren't booming so I've decided to start making premades in the meantime to keep myself busy. The premades that you see below are not free and shouldn't be used or edited without my consent. All the premades below will be non-remappable portraits. Check out (www.wasteday.deviantart. com) or my gallery to see my non-remap portraits.

I will just draw basic outlines and if you are interested I will change the premades to custom your character's design.

Please WHISPER me if you are interested in any design.
Prices will range from $7-$15 dollars.