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Author Topic: Digital Realism Commissions (busts) For Low Rates.  (Read 333 times)

Offline Fester

Digital Realism Commissions (busts) For Low Rates.
«: January 16, 2013, 11:04:31 PM»
Hey, it's been a long time since I've shown my face around here, but I thought I would open up my commissions to you lovely Furcadians for a pretty cheap price.

Currently I am offering digital realism paintings of character busts.  Here's a couple of examples of my most recent work.

I'm comfortable working in both furre or feral, and with just about all species.  I "specialize" in canine, but mostly because that's what I get commissioned for the most often.

Anyway, I am offering these out for 20.00USD via paypal each.  I can work easily with a photo or drawn reference, but I definitely would need to have one to work with.

If you're interested in checking out my dA to see my other services, you can locate me at gorekat.deviantart.com

If anyone is interested or has questions, feel free to pm me here or note me on dA.

At the moment, unfortunately, I am not interested in digos, alts, GD, or spaces.  Sorry guys.
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