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Author Topic: Chels' Portrait Commissions  (Read 998 times)

Offline Chels

Chels' Portrait Commissions
«: January 25, 2013, 03:48:21 AM»

Current Status
Revisiting styles, prices, etc.

Here I am, offering Furcadia portrait commissions again!  Give your character a little pizzazz from the good ol' days when I was creating portraits under Chacal and Frostbite.  I ain't dead yet!  Ask for any sort of animal, creature, monster, mutant bug, angelface, symbiote from Spiderman, or whatever you please! (Note: I'm not doing humans because I do not have enough experience to draw them.  Sorry.)

I'll be providing new portrait examples as I make more. :)

The Process
1.) Contact me, tell me you're interested, and I'll tell you of the next steps for you to take.  Don't ask me to contact you.
2.) I will make a sketch and send it to you.  At this time, you can request for changes to be done.  Be careful because changes once the portrait is started can be charged.
3.) Once the sketch is approved, I will ink, color, etc. etc.
4.) When the port is completed, I will request for you to send payment.  I will give you my Paypal address or inform you of which Furcadia alt to send it to at that time.
5.) I'll send you the .PNG/FOX version of the finished portrait once I receive payment.  Changes at this point can be very tedious.  Just about the only changes I could permit for free are color alterations, background changes, etc.  Some changes are subject to additional charge.  (This is why I have you look over the sketch first -- you'll save money!)
6.) Optional: You are welcome to take the original sized image that you can use for icons on forums and whatnot!  Just let me know so I can prepare it for you.  The rules still apply to these.

The Rules
1.) Due to some problems in the past, DO NOT MOVE THE PORT BETWEEN ALTS!  If you sell the alt, the portrait goes with it.  The portrait must stay on one alt.
2.) Do not edit, trace, reference, or claim it as your own.  Do not remove my signature or we are going to have a problem.  (For some small edits, such as slight color changes or backgrounds following my finished product, contact me first so I know and send me the final result for my records.)
3.) Do not resell the port separately.  Again, the port must stay on one alt and it could only be sold with that alt.
4.) Don't complain about my prices, please.  It's not my fault if you can't afford them.  Don't compare my prices to others' because it is rude and annoying.
5.) When it comes to trades, feel free to ask. However, usually my willingness to do trades will be parallel with whether or not my commissions are open. Also, please do not be offended if I decline your request, and you're more than welcome to ask why.

PM me on here (not recommended)
Note me on dA
Whisper me on Chels, Innu, or Lofsang (whichever alt I have online, usually at least one of those)

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, go ahead and get a hold of me!

All money will be put toward bills, groceries, Adobe Creative Cloud, and hopefully updated hardware (especially keen on a new tablet, a printer/scanner, large monitor, and new harddrives)!

For additional details on other art forms, refer to my deviantART, Treblesome, or (soon) Bordavix/Designs.

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