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Author Topic: Using Artwork for a character ref thats not your's  (Read 819 times)

Offline Kittypai

Using Artwork for a character ref thats not your's
«: January 30, 2013, 12:26:14 PM»
Alright so anyone on furC knows that when you go threw furN there's tons of people using other peoples ref's without written permission. However lately I've seen someone on the forums using a character that isn't there's , the art is from pixiv . They are wanting to commission more artwork of that character design but with a few 'changes'.

It's not their character it wasn't even commissioned for them and the artist doesn't probbly even know they are using it. So what should you do about it? I mean are there rules about this sort of thing and how does everyone feel on things like this or even people who use other peoples characters as a 'ref' for their own. I know on my TOS I don't allow use of my work without written permission and if it's not your character the chances of you using it for something is 0. I'm not sure on how I feel on the person I mentioned before since I'm not sure if they are breaking any rules but it is bothering me that they arn't idk trying to use their own mind to come up with their own character or heck even buying an adopt somewhere. There's even free ones out there as well as free lineart.. Anyway I figured I'd ask you guys ;w;


Offline Poochi

Re: Using Artwork for a character ref thats not your's
«Reply #1: January 30, 2013, 03:52:26 PM»
Oh Man. That's all you see now. I'll admit that I used to use images that weren't mine, off of e621. After a while, I was wondering, "why the hell am I doing this" and either tried to write a descriptive desc and hope for art later, or do my own.

You could try and alert the artist of this, but...knowing some people they would apologize, and what not, but still end up doing it... so. Who knows. We good people can only sit back and watch as this tom foolery goes on.


Re: Using Artwork for a character ref thats not your's
«Reply #2: February 01, 2013, 10:17:15 AM»
I think the fact a lot of people in FurN are using e621 ref links is because they really don't want to take the time of making a new character. Often times I see that if one is using e621/famous furry art for refs for 'their' character, they aren't trying too hard to make a unique character, but rather have a puppet to go out into the furc-world for.. well, we all know.

I'm always irritated if I see someone with a "Ref" in their description and then post afterwards, "art not by me" or "except the hair is red not blue." ...Why not just write a description and leave an inaccurate ref out? You don't NEED a ref to get RP, gosh. :/

To get a character made after another character with some 'changes' though, I'd just say they are using it as a reference towards the reference they want (depending on the number of changes). It's extremely difficult to have a unique character, especially if you want to keep traditional to an animal's markings or the like. It's a thin line, but I've had people use other character's features to help me figure out how to make their NEW character look (sometimes visual refs, even drawn, help more than text!)

I can honestly say though as soon as I see an e621 "Ref" link that is "not their art" (in some rare cases, its on e621 and they did draw it), I'm not interested in RPing. If one can't take the time to come up with their own, SOMEWHAT unique character without using art from someone else, I can't take time to write posts.

Offline Heimdall

Re: Using Artwork for a character ref thats not your's
«Reply #3: February 01, 2013, 11:05:02 AM»
It's obviously not cool if someone uses someone else's art without permission straight up. That being said, I do care less if the image in question is just a one-off pic, and includes some random character, not someone's OC. But without permission it's still a little iffy.

But I think it's fine if a player comes to me and shows me 5 different pictures and photographs and says "this is the hair, that is the body type, those are the colors, etc." Everyone draws influence from stuff and if they're blending stuff together into a unique creation, power to them. Obviously it's not cool if they're drawing too heavily from someone's OC, though. And what "too heavily" is is a thin line that artists will argue about (and that's fine).

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Re: Using Artwork for a character ref thats not your's
«Reply #4: February 01, 2013, 07:33:35 PM»
What Heimdall said, essentially.
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Re: Using Artwork for a character ref thats not your's
«Reply #5: February 01, 2013, 10:10:34 PM»
i agree with heimdall, though now i pretty much refuse to use references that the commissioner in question doesn't have permission to use for their character. i still do the frankensteining thing though, like hair from here, outfit from here, etc.