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Author Topic: Young Dragon Avatar  (Read 1554 times)

Offline Jade Ravenwing

Young Dragon Avatar
«: January 31, 2013, 03:36:39 PM»
Alright. So I'm not getting much feedback on the patches section on the furcadia forums. So I figured I'd try here.

Been working on making a Young Dragon av, probably going to be free. I'm throwing in animations and all that as well and I'd like critique as I go. So if anyone has anything to point out about something, want to give me a redline, etc. please feel free to do so. I've already got a bit of progress on this, and feel free to point out flaws/errors in any of the posted images and not just details I'm specifically asking for help on.

This will be a free-for-use avatar, so I'm not bothering with watermarks. However, I am also trying to push myself with this at the same time. So if something even looks a teency bit odd tell me please.

Main concerns: Anatomy, isometric correctness, smooth animation flow, clear definition/contrast of shading.

Edit: I tweaked the back near foot a bit because I realized it was slightly out of isometric perspective. The stand and the stand (idle) aren't updated here but they are in my .fox file.

Note: I am debating on adding some bend to the elbows/knees. I am unsure though. Would this make it look more like a smooth and flowing animation or is it alright as it is?

Also, there is a delay of 20,000 ms before the animation happens (it's looped though), as I figured 20,000 ms was a good idle time for in game. However, if it would be easier to analyze using a continuous loop of the animation I can do that as well.


Walk Left Forward:
Note: I'm not sure on the tail. I have it moving towards the hind foot that's stepping forwards but I might change it to going the other way depending on what it looks like when I finish the other walk pose. Feel free to comment on this. The wings will be added after I'm satisfied with the base.
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Offline Kenna

Re: Young Dragon Avatar
«Reply #1: January 31, 2013, 06:01:24 PM»
bend at the knees wouldn't be to bad in the animation. I think it make it better. Plus GREAT job on it! <3

Do you make Custom ones? I am just curious hehe. I have an odd creation I adore :D http://i46.tinypic.com/29gk0zo.png that is Ghoul hehe she is a wolf/raptor looking critter i made and enjoy it hehe.
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Offline Echolocation

Re: Young Dragon Avatar
«Reply #2: January 31, 2013, 08:25:04 PM»
I was looking at these just yesterday. You should know that they're actually exactly what I'm looking for - I'm creating a dragon dream right now, and there's a lack of quality dragon avs around.

Offline Jade Ravenwing

Re: Young Dragon Avatar
«Reply #3: January 31, 2013, 08:30:56 PM»
That's a very interesting design you have there Kenna, I like it! I've never done avs for commissions before, as I rarely have the drive to finish them, but I may once I finish up my other commissions.

And that's great. Yea I noticed that. Talz's Dracosaurs are awesome and all, but there needs to be more variety. I was intending to make a few different kinds of Dragons. Some would be free to use others would be pay to use. But if you end up using these when they're done I'd love to take a peek at your dream.

Offline Jade Ravenwing

Re: Young Dragon Avatar
«Reply #4: February 01, 2013, 09:33:01 PM»
Alright. Moving onto the walk cycle now.

Any critique for it?

EDIT: Changed the walk a bit to include a lifting up of the front feet. I think I'll leave the hind feet alone, not sure yet.

EDIT: I think I'm done with the base for the North Stand pose. Granted this is before any critique.

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Offline Echolocation

Re: Young Dragon Avatar
«Reply #5: February 02, 2013, 12:55:05 PM»
Wow, you work fast. I'm working on a dragon av right now, and I've been sitting on the NW sit pose for about two days.

I really love the little feet. And I think considering the size of the avatar, you've put a lot of good detail into the legs/feet. Most avs, even the big ones, reduce legs to little sticks for some reason.

Offline Jade Ravenwing

Re: Young Dragon Avatar
«Reply #6: February 02, 2013, 01:31:29 PM»
I do? Well considering all I've been working on in my spare time is this I'm not suprised lol. When I get into a pixel funk I do nothing but pixel because who knows when I"ll get the urge to again lol.

And thank you. I hate when people put sock feet on avs (unless it's a cat that's supposed to have soft feet, but still).

Someone helped me with some isometric problems on the north facing pose, and I tweaked the horns a bit as they were a bit out of perspective.

EDIT: I got the hind feet to lift up without looking stupid lol.

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Offline Jade Ravenwing

Re: Young Dragon Avatar
«Reply #7: February 02, 2013, 03:34:13 PM»
Added the wings to the walk, might change the positioning a bit of them but not sure...

Offline Echolocation

Re: Young Dragon Avatar
«Reply #8: February 02, 2013, 10:40:51 PM»
Do you plan on adding a few short spikes to the neck on this version or another?

I'm still shading the sitting position on mine. ):

Offline Jade Ravenwing

Re: Young Dragon Avatar
«Reply #9: February 03, 2013, 04:57:33 AM»
I don't think so. It's a baby Dragon, as such any major things like more horns, spikes, etc. would not have grown in yet. I do intend on making an adult form of this though with a more "scary" appearance.

And I'd advise on getting all your lineart done for all the poses before you jump into shading, otherwise you might find you want to change something after you shaded and end up reshading (I made that mistake with this av even, probably going to reshade the stand pose.)

EDIT: Also, I hope the occasional double posting is not a problem. I don't want to constantly spam my thread to the top of the boards and if edits to a single post (until someone else responds) are preferred please mention so. I'm not wanting to step on any toes here.

EDIT: For a change of pace I decided to work on some ports for it. Just now finished the male one.


Having problems with the north walking poses. It looks... off. Especially the tail so I'm definitely going to be poking at that. But I'm unsure what else is making it look weird. The back far leg perhaps, but I've fought with that to the point I'm ready to leave it as it until later. Any suggestions?

PS. Normally faz is quick to give critique... I'm surprised you've all been so quiet lol.
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Offline Jade Ravenwing

Re: Young Dragon Avatar
«Reply #10: February 12, 2013, 01:16:58 AM»
Have some more updates for this.

I've got the north walking done. I just need to get the north sit and one more lay pose done. Now I just have to come up with one more pose idea for a north laying posing and do the north sit. Then I can fight with attaching wings, animations, shading, etc.

ALMOST THERE LOL. Avs... they take SO LONG.

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Offline Kenna

Re: Young Dragon Avatar
«Reply #11: February 13, 2013, 12:49:11 PM»
looks great so far and the port is AWESOME
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Offline Jade Ravenwing

Re: Young Dragon Avatar
«Reply #12: February 14, 2013, 01:29:31 PM»
Thank you! <3

Finally decided on a shading style. The one I used for the laying positions was too busy and just... it looked cluttered, so I decided to try and go with something more similar to the official shading style for the ferians, using the dragon as a guide.

Discovery! Furcadia uses the copy/paste/flip shortcut for shading lol. But it looks weird to me so I won't use that shortcut.