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Author Topic: Ports and Remap Commission Slots Open!  (Read 509 times)

Offline Aaaamory

Ports and Remap Commission Slots Open!
«: February 02, 2013, 02:07:22 AM»
Hi guys, I'm currently offering Furcadia ports and remappable ports too.  Please visit My Gallery to see the full range of my artwork.  As I upload new stuff (I've been away from Furcadia about five years) I'll gradually rotate some of the older stuff into an archive.

Here are a few samples:
These ports belong to their owners, do not use!

I draw furries, humans, animals, insects, and fantasy creatures.  No adult-rated ports please!

Both ports and remap are $15 PP each for the month of February.  Payment must be received before I begin.

I have five slots:
1. Tserisa (Finished)
2. Hatsune (Finished)

Please PM me here, Aaaamory on AIM, or Aaaamory in-world to reserve a spot.  I'll need at least the following details before I can get started:
  • Your email address so I know where to send the art!
  • Whether you want a remappable port or not.
  • Your species and any details, including reference pictures of your character or moods or an expression you want.
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