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Author Topic: ALERT: shady business from "[email protected]"  (Read 737 times)

Offline Heartache

ALERT: shady business from "[email protected]"
«: February 02, 2013, 05:52:12 AM»
I traded Tsu my alt Tyra for an "art slave" deal. Basically, I was promised for as much art as I wanted, in exchange for a x6 ported alt with tons of art and a custom site. What I got, in the MONTHS that followed was one piece of art and the empty promises and continuous excuses of an artist who was enjoying my alt without giving anything in return. I was patient, and I was understanding, but my empathy ran dry with this one. So, be warned, alt traders, if she offers you art, you will be at the bottom of her priority list so long as she has ANY commissions.

Update: since then, my alt Tyra has been returned to me, but my review of this artist / alt trader still stands.