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Author Topic: Something very very different, time consuming and picky about...  (Read 1272 times)

Offline Bixbite

This one might be a rather big one for some people but I would want a animated/morphing change of one character not like were wolf, but I want a through the ages sweeping change of weapons,armor, style of hair and clothing right beside it from tribal to midievil fantasy to reality, to modern post apocolyptic.. This will be of my favored character bixbite


Screaming silver hair often hiding, tempered eyes of blazing chartreuse. Out lined by the distinctive lynx facial features. Typical tuft ears and cheeks leading to her slightly pronounced muzzle. Red scarf trailing around her neck leaving one side to almost flutter in her wake. Bust cleverly hidden by a tan like upper loin cloth that leads to her arms, clad in fine white lace, arms dressed to the very tip of her middle digit where gold rings held the adorning fabric to them. Midriff was left bare until blending into cream colored leggings, hip area was left slightly baggy? Then rapidly fading into a tighter grab over her legs before meeting ballet-esque like slippers on her hind paws. A delicate fem, like a rose of tungsten.

(<a href="http://www.wix.com/lynxbix/bixbite">Site outdated!</a>

additional art


pm/note/ whisper on furc, bixbite, cobia steyr I know this will be a big cost.
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