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Author Topic: 5 dollar character/pack sites.  (Read 680 times)

Offline Phuck

5 dollar character/pack sites.
«: February 05, 2013, 06:23:58 PM»
5 dollar character sites

Thought I'd put this up if anyone is interested- I'll be opening to offer character/pack sites.

One site like example below is 5 dollers paypal please.
add on buttons to other pages in the site is 1 dollar added.

ex: http://phuckme.webs.com/Rotface.htm

They can be connecting websites for instant example below-

ex: http://phuckme.webs.com/index.htm

(an intro site that directs to two or more different characters of yours)

Each added site is 3 dollars if the theme remains the same
different themes for each site relates back to 5 dollars each.

If you want a gallery for your character within the site: 2 dollars extra.
if not it will just be links to your work from other places.

                                           What I ask of you:
1) to have a place to host the html- I will not include it.

2) Character art provided- I will NOT be making character art for anyone- but I will design and decur the buttons and layout.

time frame to get done: usually 5-7 days depending on what you want (might strongly relapse into a week or so because of midterms). I might even do it that day if you're organized and ready to tell me what you want.

if interested- whisper Nauti at any time.