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Author Topic: [CLOSED DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST]  (Read 681 times)

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«: February 09, 2013, 01:43:49 PM»
Alright designing my new baby Itazura . He is a Kitsune and so far I love him! Only one problem I can't seem to design him any decent outfits! So why not have a contest? yeah. This is my first contest so please bear with me on this!

=====♦ The Character ♦=====
Zura like I said before is a kitsune , he enjoys old Japanese fashion mixed with the new age. Since I plan on roleplaying him in all sorts of era's any outfit honestly 'works' . How ever 'Oriental' Style would be more suited to him. He loves floral patterns and soft colors with hints of blues and deep reds. However corsets for me are a plus and you get major brownie points if you mix a corset plus a kimono style.

Zura is sly and loves to play pranks and is often really happy rather then mad so if you do draw him and not use the base provided please keep that in mind. Also he can be shown with up to nine tails and as little as no tails. he can also be shown with out his ears or tails at all.

Pictures of him : HERE He's still a wip but pretty much what you see in the ref is what he looks like uwu. This link will be updated time from time when/ or if he gets more artwork.

=====♦ Other Info ♦=====
Weather you are drawing the art from scratch or using the base we will judge on the effort you put into it as well as -
- Over all look
- Over all feel of the outfit and picture
- If it matches him or not

-Brownie points-
-adding accessories to the outfit
-Drawing from scratch or using the base fully.
-Corset + Kimono
- Sexy outfits
- making something 100% different then what I suggested. Like old timey uniforms or something like that. 

You can find the base HERE Just lighten it up and  draw over it as you please! It's my own art so permission to scribble over it like crazy.

=====♦ Dates and times ♦=====
2/9/13 to 3/1/13 12:00 AM CST

=====♦ Prizes ♦=====

1st- $30 + a lifer flooki/floof/chin
2nd- $20 + get to pick a lifer after the first person
3rd-  $10 + what ever lifer is left

for people who don't want a lifer or do not play furC~ I will offer my art instead in its place~ The 1st a full body commission from me , 2nd is a half body and 3rd is a headshot , So that is an option.

I might up the prizes as well if there's more interest and what not

=====♦ RULES ♦=====

1. No tracing / art theft and so on.

2. I will be keeping all the outfits I will hoard them like a dragon hoards gold or something cool like that.

3. Do not whine or complain if you did not win that's silly.

4. If you used a texture please link it too me when you send in your entry! that way i can use it when drawing him in said outfit.

5. Yes you can submit as many entries as you like.

6. They do not have to be a masterpiece I'm just looking for some nice clothing for my baby is all. This means if you want to do scribbles from scratch this is okay to do.

=====♦ Entries ♦=====
Please note me them on FA / or Pm me on here~! Thank you  uwu
My fa is Yanderedanshi


=====♦ UPDATES AND EDITS ♦=====
- MOVED DUE DATE! As well as updated some small stuff gogo

Sorry closing it one day before my normal close date I'll hand out the prizes to the only two people who entered.
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Re: Outfit Contest [Real monies+ lifers or art]
«Reply #1: February 21, 2013, 02:48:48 PM»
-pushed back the date to 28 :U ~!