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Author Topic: (open) Ports for 5GD!  (Read 524 times)

Offline Moz

(open) Ports for 5GD!
«: February 11, 2013, 02:54:43 PM»

Hello! I'm offering my services as a port artist, charging at 5GD/1 port space apiece. I'm best at feral animals, but I can do anthros too (just not as well..)! Human ports are what I'm less capable of, but humanoids I can give a try.

Only non-remapping ports, since my remap ports are kinda shitty and I really don't like the Furcadia editor!
Oh and port trades are encouraged! I would love a trade and will more than likely say yes.

Examples are from oldest to newest.

Non-remap Pixel

Non-remap Smooth
None yet, but if you want an idea of how they would look you can look at my art.

If you're interested, drop me a PM with all the information and references I'll need to do your port. I'd like to receive payment either upfront or when you're satisfied with the port.
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