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Author Topic: Looking for an in-expensive artist to help bring a character to life!! <3  (Read 436 times)

Offline Astareal

I have a dragon character I have created in my mind, and have been role-playing for quite some time - but would love arts created of her and to help me put it all together! She is a thin white curvy dragon with bits of red about and a tail that splits into two. Along with her wings being like gryphon/angel wings instead of the plain dragon wings. Seems simple enough? ;)

I am looking to get a Ref. Sheet done.

She does also turn into a Feral draggy once in a while, so if that could some how be incorporated that would be great! She is suppose to be a trickster yet adorable being that pretty much causes trouble.

***Mature Artists***
If theres one out there.. I would love a bondage scene.

Email me for more info. [email protected] 



Offline Okepi


i also have tons of unuploaded things, if you'd care to see. work safe and NSFW! (just let me know if you'd only like clean examples. x); )
r.i.p. billy mays.

Offline Nimzel

I'm doing quite cheap commissions at the moment and willing to haggle price as I don't have an example of a ref sheet. Here's My DA commission page.