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Author Topic: Premade Ports - Cat & Canine!  (Read 706 times)

Offline TallestSky

Premade Ports - Cat & Canine!
«: February 20, 2013, 02:49:03 PM»
in which sky has absolutely no idea what she's doing. ._.

In Celebration of both my return to Furcadia and the new Angelcats, let's have some awesome premade portraits for everyone to buy! Your money? Yeah, I want it. Gimmie.

To buy anything from me, whisper me in-game.
Alicora or Sky Raider

So here's the first batch to be sold here.
Edits and customization are included in the base price.
Price is for the completed portrait.

Kitten Portrait
For Sale!

$10 via Paypal Only!

Canine Portrait
For Sale!

$20 via Paypal!
Lifers accepted too, depending.

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