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Author Topic: Web Designer + Art Bundle  (Read 528 times)

Offline Migoto

Web Designer + Art Bundle
«: February 24, 2013, 03:50:27 PM»
So I rejoined Furcadia and I'm looking to make a website for my character Migoto. I have some art for her, but not the kind of art I want for her now. I have a theme song picked out and all that jazz. I'm kind of looking at a downtown, suburban ghetto theme? Here's the song to give you some ideas as to what I mean.

Pictures of Migoto

As for the website itself, I want it so clicking on tabs doesn't open a new page. That way the background music doesn't stop and start over. Just a small interactive box in the middle with all the info.

And finally, the art. Because I like the song so much, I want Migoto to match the theme of her website. If you're an artist too, awesome. I'd like some new outfits for Migoto, as well as an overall makeover. If you're good at trendy, punk-style art, hit me up.

Post or whisper Migoto in-game (however I don't log that often during the day) if you're interested, and let me know the price.