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Author Topic: feral art - commissions open :]  (Read 436 times)

Offline Ember

feral art - commissions open :]
«: February 24, 2013, 08:45:05 PM»
copy-pasting from my commission info on deviantART, yes it includes portraits, but most is just general character art.

Commissions open/closed
Trades open/closed selective
Requests open/closed

I'll take 5 commissions at a time, I don't want to overload myself. Once all 5 are complete, they will open back up again. If the queue is full, you can add yourself to the waiting list.

waiting list
Maximum of 10. No payment required. Upon reopening, I will notify you. If you don't reply within a week, your spot will be relinquished to the next in line.

small art
pixels --- $5 --- a miniature pixelated image of you character for use in signatures on forums and the like. example 1

furcadia portraits --- 95x95 portrait shots of your alt/character on Furcadia
  • remappable --- $8 --- pixelated, changes color. [no examples yet]
  • non-remappable --- $10 (paint), $13 (pixelated) --- your choice of either a traditional Photoshop painted portrait or a detailed pixelated one that does NOT change color. [no examples yet]
headshots --- drawings your character's head/bust only, in your choice of style (cartoony or semi-realistic)
  • sketch --- $3 --- rough pale lines, no color, light crosshatched shading [no examples yet]
  • flat color --- $5 --- clean, thin black lines, flat color [no examples yet]
  • cell-shaded --- $7 --- clean, thin black lines, flat color, flat shading [no examples yet]
  • semi-realistic painting --- $13 --- no visible lineart, detailed shading [no examples yet]

big art
sketches --- rough full-body drawings of your character(s)
  • basic --- $5 --- monotone, sketchy lines only example 1
  • color --- $8 --- pale sketch color and sketchy lines example 1
  • scene --- $10 (basic), $13 (color) --- multiple interacting characters [no examples yet]
references --- simple full-body drawings accurately showing a character's markings and colors. comes with a shrunken, transparent version and your choice of a white or colored background. your choice of an included color key or not. add $3 to any order for sketched headshots of the character's various expressions!
  • sketchy --- $10 --- reminiscent of a sketch only more carefully drawn example 1 example 2
  • basic --- $15 --- clean black lines, flat color, no shading example 1 example 2
  • cell-shaded --- $20 --- clean black lines, flat color, one layer of shading example 1 example 2
  • detailed --- $30 --- more detailed drawing with clean thin lines, flat color, two layers of shading, and four expression headshots added in example 1
  • timeline --- $50 --- basic references of various stages of the character's growth (baby, child, teenager, young adult) with a cell-shaded reference of the final stage (adult) [no examples yet]

illustrations --- as if captured from a film, these drawings portray character(s) in action. choose a favorite scene from a role play or imagined setting and enjoy an illustration of it.
  • basic --- $30 --- simple, cartoon-styled background, flat color with one layer of shading. +$3 for each additional character. five year old example
  • detailed --- $50 --- detailed, cartoon-styled background,  flat color with at least two layers of shading, one of highlighting. +$5 for each additional character. [no examples yet]
  • digital painting --- $80 --- realistic everything. +$10 for each additional character. [no examples yet]

contact info
***BEST*** Note on deviantART - Myuui
May not reply to PMs here
Furcadia Nip, Bluefire, Skaul
FurAffinity Iriss
Weasyl Iris
Email [email protected]

Once you get in contact with me with your proposed order, we can then go over and hash out the details. :]

alternate payment
I take paypal mostly.
no dA points or whatever they are
I would also like a subscription, however. :] So the equivalent in art can be drawn for the cost of the subscription.
As well, I like Digos for Furcadia. A ferian lifer will get you anything worth under $30. A mythical lifer will get you anything under $50. Anything else, just ask and we'll figure it out.
Same for GD on Furcadia ($1 = 1 GD)