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Author Topic: Website!  (Read 578 times)

Offline Bread

«: March 03, 2013, 03:16:30 AM»
Alright so my main needs a website! This is for me OOCly, she is not a rp character sadly. So, I would like for it to have.. At least three pages on it. Which will be linked through buttonsor which I'd like to be three small drawings of bread slices on the site where people click to see the info.
An Image will be the 'template' or background image, and I'd like a small box(on the green box already given) placed ontop of the image so that the text/writing will be inside the box. Three pages/links.
Template Picture
Page 1: Main/Home.
Page 2: Info/Relationships.
Page 3: Images/pictures

I will be offering 5.50GD for this, as it is just the code. And, I will be providing a URL for you to code on.

I am looking for something a little like this- for the button/box idea.

Please whisper me on Bread if you are interested in the site- with examples of your previous work.
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