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Author Topic: Looking for a port for a humanoid [PP/GD/Lifers]  (Read 333 times)

Offline Kittypai

Looking for a port for a humanoid [PP/GD/Lifers]
«: March 04, 2013, 01:57:55 AM»
Alright so my baby Ana just got a redesign because I'm fickle but i love this design and hope to keep it. I feel a bit naked without a port and am too lazy busy to work on my own for him. for now . So I'm looking around for someone to draw him~

In Paypal
or GD
or lifers ( I'll list them later yeah)

-The thing I want you to draw-
Is him http://imgur.com/a/i39qz#0 he is greedy loves gems and the such and will often put himself before others. Wow what a jerk.

-Stuff you should know-

-He does wear earnings ( please note the sketch in the gallery!)

- His horns can have round edges or sharp or can appear broken as his horns break if they grow to long and slowly grow back much like antlers.

-He likes jems and is greedy drawing him as such is a plus.

- I'm not really picky but I'm lookign for an artist who would suit him.

-Other info yeah-
I might commission more then one person .

I'd love an AFK port so any chibi artists willing to draw him hugging a pillow that would be awesome.

Can be animated or not.

He is a dragon and his skin has very soft scales here and there on him.

Pixel or not what ever works and he CAN have wings.

Last but not least I might commission someone for a feral picture of him uAu??

Please comment here or Pm me with examples and prices! Thank you.