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Author Topic: Beautiful Feral Ports - Remap and NonRemap <3  (Read 639 times)

Offline Ember

Beautiful Feral Ports - Remap and NonRemap <3
«: March 14, 2013, 01:48:21 PM»
I have recently returned to Furcadia and am trying to establish myself as an artist here. I know how much you guys loooove your portraits, so that's what I'm focusing on as of right now (though it is by no means all that I am capable of doing.)

To see my other commissions you can visit my commission information on my deviantART though some of it is a bit outdated (remap portraits are $10 instead of $8 due to the time and effort I spent on Olea's portrait seen below).

Enjoy :]

payment options
I prefer paypal or GD, however I also take the equivalent in port spaces (valued at $5 each), lifers (value fluctuates depending, typical lifer ferians are $10, seasonals $15-20, mythicals $40-50), or other digos (depending on what they are and how long they have left). I am also in need of a deviantART subscription (a one year subscription will get you two non-remap portraits or three remappable portraits). I may consider alts (decent names) and art trades (though I'm somewhat picky). It never hurts to ask.

remappable -- $10/10 GD

painted non-remappable -- $15/15 GD

1. Javi/Remappable/Payment Received/0% Done

order & contact info
To order, first contact me on the alts Nip, Spitz, or Devour, or note me on dA (myuui).
After we discuss and such I'll request a payment.
After that, note me on dA with your character's reference, any details you wish to emphasize, how you want it to remap (if its a remap portrait), any expression or pose or background you'd prefer, and any extra information I would need to finish your portrait.
Depending on your place in my queue, it could be anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks before your portrait is finished, and if it is longer due to unforeseen circumstances, I will notify you ahead of time.
I have no issue with keeping in touch to inform you of the progress of your portrait, so feel free to whisper me anytime. :]
If you ever need a refund and your port is less than 50% done (or if I'm still able to change it so that I can resell it), that is also not an issue. Again, just contact me to let me know.

Do not PM me on FAZ or FAM as I rarely check it. Thanks!