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Author Topic: [ U p d a t e d ] ; Need a CHEAP, human artist.  (Read 457 times)

Offline Ma Dai

[ U p d a t e d ] ; Need a CHEAP, human artist.
«: March 22, 2013, 07:15:35 PM»
Last Updated: April 20 / 2013 ; Still looking.
I've decided to simplify this thread instead of just listing exactly what I wanted, dot-for-dot. I will be paying in a mixture of GD/SD & a portspace; my budget is 34GD. I will be highering the price as funds come in though, but I'm probably not willing to go much higher than than 34GD for one port. I have two characters I would like ports done for, though depending on your examples and prices I will take only one which is the Ma Dai portrait.

Portrait #1: Ma Dai || Dynasty Warriors 7
-> I have 3 pose ideas; I can't decide which I like. I will need your help with a final decision as I don't want to have my heart set on one and not have the artist be able to draw it. I would like these poses done on fun angles; I find portraits with the character in the dead center of the image, standing straight to be boring. I do have image references of the poses.
- > I would like this portrait to be semi-realistic.
- > Nonremap is preferred; though I will take a remap if they're cheaper.
- > I would like a pixel-portrait.
- > Basic references. Please keep in mind I do have more and will show them to the chosen artist;

Portrait #2: Jiang Wei || Dynasty Warriors 7
- > I have one pose that my heart is sort of set on. I don't think I have much of an image-reference but I'll see what I can do.
- > Again, semirealistic / nonremap but remap if they're cheaper / pixels
- > Here's the basic references, again I've got more.

If you feel you can draw these two, please whisper me in-game on Ma Dai with a link to your references. Please don't tell me your dA name or that the link is in your desc; I would like a direct link please. Also, if I am not online or am away I ask you leave the link and let me know who you are, and that you're interested in doing these port(s). Otherwise, I assume it's a miswhisper and most likely won't respond - but if you do leave a message, I will respond when I get the chance.  Do not post below or PM me. Please & thank you!

It's alright if your prices will only allow for one portrait! I will eventually commission you again later for Jiang Wei if this is the case, once funds build back up. I'm also alright to wait if your commissions are closed at the current time! Though I will keep snooping around for someone who may be open if this is the case as I would like the port sooner than later.

Please note I am very picky; I am looking around for the best deal and the best art. I'm also paitent, so if it takes you a week or more to do the art I'm fine with that! All I ask is for constant contact / information / updates - even if they're heavily watermarked screenshots. Chances are I'll want something edited/fixed. c:

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