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Author Topic: Looking for port artist for a GOSH DARN TEXTUAL TYRANNOSAURUS  (Read 368 times)

Offline DanPunk

Looking to get a port done of this character http://www.rprepository.com/site.php?char=21467

Payment is with paypal  8)

Here's a description.
A creature prehistoric, terrifying, majestic and beauteous all at the same time. The Tyrannosaurs was well over seven feet tall, and tipping the scales more towards half a ton than away from it. Every inch of him was pure, powerful muscle, and at least in that respect he was nice to look at. The dinosaur was feathered, everywhere but his face and lower legs, at which his pallid white flesh would be exposed. Those feathers were so lovely, patterned much like a flamingo, pink on his back and flanks, but white on his underbelly and groin. Around his head, almost looking like a lions mane, the feathers a more red colour than the bulk of his body. Those yellow eyes shone brightly, giving off a obedient, if not particularly submissive vibe. The only clothes covering his titanic frame was a simple kilt made of alligator scales, ending just below his knees.