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Author Topic: $10 wer ports  (Read 704 times)

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$10 wer ports
«: April 08, 2013, 10:56:12 PM»

-I’m opening commissions for furcadia ports. $10 PayPal each!
-I am also now accepting lifers.
-You will receive the 95x95 portrait as well as the larger, original version (approx. 400x400).
-Payment will be expected once the WIP sketch is shown and is to your liking.
-My preferred contact methods are either by sending me a Note to my deviantArt (http://truecake.deviantart.com/), or via email ([email protected]).
-However, you can also PM me or whisper me on my furc alt, Zera. Leave me a whisper if I'm AFK or not online.

I maintain a professional attitude when doing commissions. I ask for you to be the same way.

I WILL do:
-kemonomimis (nekos, etc)
-anthros with humanoid faces
-any gender

I will NOT do:
-remaps & pixel work
-anthros with muzzles/animal faces
-explicit images
-multiple characters/couples
-underage characters

When contacting me, please send me references of your characters (if any), and/or a thorough description of your character. Include details that may be overlooked in references, such as hard to see scars and markings. Tell me if you would like a certain expression or general mood in the port (happy, cute, dark, gloomy, etc).

Please be aware that the wait may take up to a couple weeks, but can also be as short as a day depending on personal circumstances.
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Re: $10 wer ports
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