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Author Topic: Old Designs 4 Sale  (Read 587 times)

Offline Romsca

Old Designs 4 Sale
«: April 18, 2013, 01:18:40 PM»
I have Decided to Part with some of these!

After much thought, I have decided to go through my files and pull up old designs I created but no longer use. This includes character designs, old ports, and the like pertaining to art. I create things constantly, move on to the next project, and just forget about the ones I made ages ago. So here is your chance to acquire some old designs by KWStudios!

Payment Types Accepted:

PayPal - Preferred!

Furcadia Names to contact me by:


Character Designs - Artwork

PheoWolf - Phoenix/Wolf Hybrid

This design was made a very long time ago for my character Vaeros. He has changed many times since this version and this is now just collecting dust. It has sentimental value to me.. so make me an offer. Willing to Haggle if the price is right

PayPal Only
Willing to let this go for $30 PayPal (That's $5 less then what I charge for a full body commission)

Male Kitterwing Port - Remapped

Old port made for an ex of mine. Never used
CAN make minor changes, but you will pay more - I like it how it is..

PP or GD
$10 - $15

Winged Male Mechanic - Remapped

Old Port that was Commissioned but never retrieved/Never used
CAN make minor changes, but you will pay more

PP or GD
$5 - $10

Contact Romsca or Demothsis in furcadia if you can't poke me here.
More Art MAY be added!
Keep watch!
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