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Author Topic: Looking for artist that can capture the beauty of two ball jointed dolls in port  (Read 445 times)

Offline Amour

Long title is long. x.x

Anyways.. I have in a jist, two doll characters that'd I'd like to have a 'couple's puzzle port kinda thing.

I'm going to post their irl pictures because I want them to be accurate (not so much realistic)

First one is Amour

More pics will be given when the actual commission is taken.

Second is Samsen.

(This is a totally new character. I have more pics of him. I own Amour irl so can take more pics if needed. Samsen has been in production for a month now. Got another month before I actually get him.)

Okay so.. what I'm looking for is not a copy of them so much as an accurate representation of what they look like. Baby face, big doe eyes, heavy 'blushing' around their features. And for Amour, her real hair, and for Samsen his feather hair.

If you need to know anymore details, feel free to ask. :D

Hope I can find someone. It's been difficult.
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Offline Mido

i know that fifi on furc / http://furaffinity.net/user/imperfect pearl does amazing her ports are $25

Offline Amour

Ooo thanks so much. I think I'll use her. :D