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Author Topic: $10 Commissions  (Read 933 times)

Offline Nakkida

$10 Commissions
«: April 23, 2013, 04:22:37 PM»
My Deviantart

$10 Commissions!
I'm taking commissions for anything (within reason, but try me!) for $10. Additional characters $2 more. You'll get a sketch and the finished drawing or painting. Will add backgrounds, text, shading/no shading, whatever you prefer. Just be sure to be specific!

1. Paypal only please! (for the moment)
2. Horses are my forte, but I can draw anything you like.
3. Please have a reference for your character or subject!
4. Pay upfront OR after I've finished, I don't mind which.
5. Please note me this form:

  • Detailed description, photograph, or reference picture:
  • What style of drawing would you like?:
  • What do you want them to be doing?: ex. Draw him/her running/laying down/etc.
  • Other details left out of the ref that I should know:
  • Anything else?:

I think that's all the info I need, I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Please feel free to make any requests you like! I'm very open and willing to make adjustments if you talk to me. :)

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Offline Nakkida

Re: $10 Commissions
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Updated! :)