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Author Topic: Commissioning a 'scene' artwork that'd include all my characters (STILL LOOKING)  (Read 474 times)

Offline Dask

Hello. I'm looking for an artist that would be able to draw all my characters in one scene . This would include a background. Characters would be standing or flying forming a circle staring at one another as if about to start some sort of competition of a sort. This would take place in a forest near a lake. Ruins should be sticking out of the lake.

I will give more details once I've decided upon someone.

Artist should be able to draw humans, feral, and monster-type creatures well.
Here is the list of the characters with refs I'd want in the artwork:

Nadir (full markings, alternate head)
Air (headshot ref, Humanoid form)
Rienee (can be drawn to be in 20's)
Omu (Reinee can be riding him)
Nathika (alternate forms. Chibis should not be chibi)
Jizo (anthro form)
Simon Bain

If a character has an alternate form, artist gets to choose which one.

Paying with

If interested or suggesting someone, please either post here, PM, or whisper Dask with examples and prices.
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