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Author Topic: Seeking - Anthro artist for two portraits  (Read 736 times)

Offline Nahysuh

Seeking - Anthro artist for two portraits
«: May 10, 2013, 01:57:32 AM»
I am looking for a portrait artist to get two portraits of my character done.
Doesn't need to be both from the same artist also.
Here is what I'm looking for the artist,

-Both portraits are to be made non-remap
-Character is bare chest simply because he can't wear any shirt (If you can call that half nudity)
-Smalls details are going to be asked in the portraits (Quills on his back, garments he wears)
-Backgrounds are nice and its a plus but not a necessity
-One portrait I'm looking for is to show him without his prosthetic arm and his goggles on his forehead in a darkish theme or maybe simple. (Warning - without his prosthetic arm his scapula bone is exposed. Nasty scar)
-The other portrait doesn't really have any restriction. I can let the artist imagine a pose, situation to display my character. (With agreement on both parties)
-If you are willing to make an animated portrait in either of those two portraits just tell me.

Pretty much sums it up. As for pricing, I am ready to pay with paypal and I am ready to pay the right price depending for. Maximum 30$ per portrait and 50$(Willing to negotiate depending on the quality) if it's animated.

If you are interested in trying your luck, just contact me on more details about my character.

To contact me either post it on this thread, whisper me on Furcadia (Nahysuh Kesymos-Yajos, Also preferred) or send me an email([email protected], Don't check it often)

Edit:Forgot to mention, please show me samples of your work as I am a bit picky!
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Offline Elmazi

Re: Seeking - Anthro artist for two portraits
«Reply #1: June 09, 2013, 06:46:56 PM»
Hi there!

I noticed you are interested in looking for portraits and I am currently open for commissions. If you were interested, I would love to work with you.

Currently all of my ports are 1 for $20pp, or 2 for $30pp [USD]. I reposted some examples down below, or you can visit http://www.elmazi.deviantart.com

Just p/m me or email me at [email protected] if you are. :)
Best of luck on your search! Thanks! <3

Digital non-remap

Pixel remap/non-remap