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Author Topic: Ragan/Shiba Portraits, Cheap!  (Read 558 times)

Offline Ragan

Ragan/Shiba Portraits, Cheap!
«: May 31, 2013, 02:30:45 PM»
So I'm in need of some money to help pay for a vet bill. So I figured I would try doing a little sale/bundle deal.


Non Remapping Portraits $10 Paypal
CG/Digital Portraits $15 Paypal

Buy 2 Or More Portraits (Nonremap or CG) and get $5 off!

ALSO: I'm also opening up a few spaces to take references. These are $15 Paypal. Ask for examples!

You can check out the examples I have above or look through my gallery. You may also whisper me in game on Duskrush for the fastest response!
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