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Author Topic: Premade Non-Remap Ports x 4 - SOLD / SOLD / Dragon / Feral Canine  (Read 710 times)

Offline Archery

I might have another gecko coming my way, but I hafta pay shipping. SO I GOTTA SCRAPE STUFF TOGETHER YAY. 8D

As these portraits are in the sketch phase at the moment, I will be able to make most any edit desired to these!

Only offering them non-remap, 100% complete.

Portrait will be completed within 48 hours of payment.

First-come-first-served, and I will NOT hold any of these.

#1 - SOLD
--- to ~Morouh

#2 - Available
--- $15 Paypal

#3 - Available
--- $20 Paypal

#4 - SOLD
-- to ~Morouh


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