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Author Topic: (FULL-CLOSED) 5$ remap, 6$ digital/nonremap  (Read 564 times)

Offline Booker

(FULL-CLOSED) 5$ remap, 6$ digital/nonremap
«: June 08, 2013, 03:23:15 AM»
hey guys, i'm going to be taking a few commissions. paypal only this time around, sorry!!

-i have the right to refuse anyone
-it is a-ok to contact me about the status of your port, but please don't message me every day/several times a day! i have no other obligations so these commissions shouldn't take too long anyway
-you do not have my permission to resell my art. if you would like my permission, you may contact me personally. unless i explicitly grant permission, assume that you don't have it.

a couple more recent ones

please include refs, pose/background request, and color code if it's for a remap. thanks!

you can contact me on here or on clint on furcadia, though i check here more often and i'm not always online!

1. kelly (for trade from a long time ago!)
2. Mordekhai (10% done - sketched!)
3. Wii (10% done - sketched!)

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