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Author Topic: Demonic? Or Cute? Which contest would you enter! (CLOSED)  (Read 1238 times)

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I want to let everyone know they can submit ports, or character art. It doesn't matter! But actually we will just get right to it. this contest was originially meant for chiyo alone, but i have changed up the contest(s) and extended the deadline a little!

the winners will be determined on how well they can bring out the character's personality, or make it shine. not by the amount of pieces you enter.
you can submit ANY kind of artwork. traditional to icons.
you can do one character or you can do both!
you are doing MY characters, not them with your character(s). JUST mine.
you can submit BOTH portrait(s) and character art, or multiple portraits, or multiple character art.
if you are submitting a portrait, PLEASE make it non-remap as i do not like having remap portraits. Sorry!
I would appreciate it if you would tell me you're entering, instead of doing your piece and just not saying anything.

☆☆ all the art will be kept, whether you win or not. sorry, but i don't want someone having a character that is similar to mine.
there is only TWO first place prizes because of there being TWO characters.

The Deadline is August 16th
and can or will be changed to sooner or later.

winners will be picked today. if you do not get a pm by the end of the day then im sorry, you didn't place! thank you all to have joined!

♥♥ BOTH First place winners get: 50 dollars & a portrait space.
♥♥ BOTH Second place winners get: 25 dollars & a portrait space, or a 25 dollar lifer.
♥♥ If there are third place winners: 15 dollars & a portrait space, or a 15 dollar lifer.

About Who You're Drawing
Chiyo the Satanic Goat

i would prefer her to have a goat head rather than a normal human head.
† chiyo is blind. do not draw her with normal eyes. she also has the slits that goats normally have.
† has an obsession with blood. i would prefer any or all art to have some sort of blood in it!
† the blood stained on her is NOT optional.
† chiyo is also completely schizophrenic and a little bit of a psychopath.
† for fun, she likes to kidnap children to 'play' with them. she will either murder the kids for fun, or eat them. regardless of what she does, she always beheads them first and sends the head back to the family.
You can draw ports or character art for this one, or both!
you can find all her information and art here

Macchiato the Luckdragon

Macchiato is a LUCKDRAGON mix.
Has an obsession with owls, and her owl plush is NOT optional.
Very short but also thin/petite.
She is extremely shy, and can stutter like crazy.
Loves coffee, raspberries, and cafe-like environments. Also enjoys meadows and sunbathing.
Unlike Chiyo, you can draw her in ANYTHING. If you are to draw her in a bikini, she prefers Marvel/DC Superhero/Villain bikinis. OR Star Wars clothing. Same with t-shirts or tank tops! She also has a thing for feathery accessories. you can find clothing ideas from HERE
Her horns are meant to be in the shape of a heart at the top ONLY.
You can draw ports or character art for this one, or both!

Contacting and Entering
You can find me on Macchiato in-game
PM me or Post here!

If you plan to enter please make a comment on this thread or PM me. PMing is more preferred, though!

(unlimited slots, by the way!)

  • Resin
  • Skyla
  • Skye - c1
  • David
  • Meenks - m1
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Re: Demonic? Or Cute? Which contest would you enter!
«Reply #1: July 09, 2013, 05:33:42 PM»
i don't know if i'm allowed to post updates, but if not i apologize.

Macchiato's ref is clearly up and now contestants are able to submit entries of her!

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Re: Demonic? Or Cute? Which contest would you enter!
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Re: Demonic? Or Cute? Which contest would you enter! (CLOSED)
«Reply #3: August 19, 2013, 05:39:38 AM»
Can we at least know who won?

Also, was there second place for Macchiato at all?
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