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Author Topic: $5 Custom Doll (Full Color)  (Read 366 times)

Offline Jessami

$5 Custom Doll (Full Color)
«: June 20, 2013, 12:15:41 PM»
Alright, kiddos.
My boyfriend and I are going to Vegas and California next month so I'm trying to make as much extra money as possible, which is why I'm offering these guys up for $5.
The basic idea is I use the same base but customize it to fit your character.
The base is female but I'd be willing to subtract the boobage and turn it into a femboy but I won't change the base too drastically.

I'm also offering up character ref sheets using this base as well.
Front&Back = $10
Example: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10865287/
Front&Back&Clothed = $15
Example: (Currently working on one)
(Other things can be added in for a little extra money, such as the face view on the front and back example)

If you're interested just send me a message on here or over on FA containing a character ref and specifying what you want me to do (whether you want the single doll or a ref sheet).