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Author Topic: $10 Feral Ports - Remap or Non  (Read 1298 times)

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$10 Feral Ports - Remap or Non
«: June 22, 2013, 03:27:00 PM»
Welcome, welcome to my little slice of the Internet allotted that I might pander my wares. Take a look around and feel free to whisper me on Aang or Sobek if you've any questions, as that is the fastest mode of contact.

First, I expect you'd like to see what you'd be buying...

If you're not too picky, these are discount...

$9 (I'll change markings and add a BG of course)

Let me tell you what I can do...

I am only comfortable charging money for my feral art, as I'm still learning the basics of human anatomy. I am most familiar with wolves, big cats, and domestic cats, but I will give anything a shot. The more descriptive you can be, the better. I work better with a reference image, but I can work with a text description*. I can do remap or nonremap, though the latter takes a bit more time than the former.

I'll not burn your pocketbooks too badly...

One piece of portrait art with one character in it is $10 pp, or two portspaces. I may raise the price to $15 pp if the character is really complicated, like crocodile-headed spider with six wings complicated. I highly prefer paypal as a payment method, however, since I am a college student who uses Furcadia pretty much only during the summer months. If you want to talk about special ports with multiple characters or puzzle ports or (basic) animated ports, either whisper me on Aang or Sobek or PM me here, as I am unlikely to see any replies to this thread.

Allow me to check my calendar...

1. --
2. --
3. --

Come to a decision, then?

If you are interested in ordering, please PM or whisper me with the following information handy:

-The character's reference image/a damn good text description*
-If you'd like it remappable or non (if you want it remappable, I'll want to know what markings remap to what part of the character)
-Any ideas or specifics (pose, expression, actions, background, etc...)

*If you come to me with no visual reference, I will try my best to give you what you want but know that it may not match one to one with your mental image.
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Re: $10 Feral Ports - Done in 1-2 days - Remap or Non
«Reply #1: August 07, 2013, 10:41:58 PM»

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Re: $10 Feral Ports - Remap or Non
«Reply #2: December 01, 2013, 07:21:26 PM»
Bump. I'm on break so I can get back into this.