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Author Topic: Design may be stolen - don't remember who I got it from. Help!  (Read 702 times)

Offline Army

A few years ago I bought this bat design for $5-10 off someone on FAZ http://i.imgur.com/mid0z.jpg and after the transaction was done, I asked if he had any more art. She said he did, and then linked me to this image, which she said was his human/kitsune version: http://i.imgur.com/cOas8h.jpg. I thought it was weird that they didn't look much alike, but she was offering it to me, and the hair/colors and ears are roughly the same, so I accepted it without question. Nothing arose from this until now because I lost interest in the design and never used it, but yesterday my friend was looking for a design in my folders and asked if she could have the human/kitsune guy in the second link. I said yes, but today I got an offline whisper from her saying this: (name is hidden)
(17:08:19) ---: so apparently http://i.imgur.com/cOas8h.jpg is stolen. (Offline message sent Jun 26, 01:05am FST)
I have to wait in suspense for more details until she gets back online, but for now I'm more concerned about the first design, because that was the one I actually paid for and if it is stolen, I'd like to know from who and by who since I don't remember who I purchased it from.
It could very well have been a mistake or misunderstanding on the seller's part, so I don't want to call anyone a scammer just yet. (which is why this isn't in Art Alerts as well)
Any help/details are appreciated!
contact: army/leaf


Offline Kitty

hi! http://amagicaltale.deviantart.com/art/Daikai-177454505 made the human/kitsune one, she doesn't own it anymore though she might be able to tell you who does??