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Author Topic: 20$ ports by Prince - Human, anthro, maybe feral! Finished within a week!  (Read 642 times)

Offline Prince

Hello Everyone! I'm offering ports with a catch: They have to be done within a week of my approving your commission or you get a full refund!

There are some rules to this:
1. When you send me a note, whenever I REPLY back is when your time offically starts. In my notes of your commission, I will put the start and end date of when your commission must be done.
2. However, you Have to approve the sketch within 3 days of my approving your note or you do not get a refund if it takes me longer than a week.
3. Payment is upfront after I give you the OK in the note.

Here are some examples of my newest ports:

I know there aren't many anthro examples up here but I CAN do them.

I currently have 4 spots open:

These cross with my DA, so if someone commissions me there a spot here is filled as well.

You can whisper me on Raginfrik OR send me a PM with the following [but, if you have a deviantart, I REALLY prefer to do business there]

Character name:
Apparent Age:
Alts I can reach you on:

If You got a spot I'll reply with a thank you and my paypal address!
Alts: Raginfrik, Peppe, Shojah Gavez