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Author Topic: Creek's Portraits: OPEN  (Read 588 times)

Offline Creek

Creek's Portraits: OPEN
«: July 08, 2013, 10:36:26 AM»

Base price: $18 per portrait.

Payment is UPFRONT unless we discuss otherwise.

Karma Koin Cards
Snail Mail

Terms of service:
  • By commissioning me you are agreeing to give me artistic right to put your character into my style. While I will get them as close as possible to how they look, I might twist them slightly to fit more elegantly into the portrait. Refunds are only issued within the first 24 hours of commission time.(Unless, of course, the fault is on my end). All payments must be made through Friends & Family on Paypal, no exceptions. I've had 2 people do charge-backs on me and I'm not going to go through it again. If you need a refund, let me know within the time period.

  • By commissioning me, you are also agreeing to give me space and time to work on your portrait within a proper time of 1-5 days. You will get updates constantly, so there is no need to ask for them. If you ask for them consistently and get to the point of becoming a bother, you will be forced to pay an additional amount as a 'final fee'.  The more you bother me, the lower the quality and the more likely I will be to burn out (and thus you will ruin things for other people).

  • You also hereby agree to pay any 'Final Fees' that pop up by the end of the commission. Final fees are tacked on due to several things; pestering, complicated wings(Feathered or more than 2), additional complicated markings/clothing, complicated hairstyle, complicated background. Most the time I will let final fees slide and you won't have to worry about paying them, but depending on how I am treated or how complicated things get, there could be an additional cost. The additional cost, at most, would be $5, unless you pester me continuously, which will add in an additional 50% to the total cost. You will not receive your portrait until the Final fees are paid.

I reserve any and all rights to deny any commission.

I am currently still very mediocre for men. I've done a few pieces here and there practicing, but not 100% comfortable with them quite yet.
Accepted List:
Environmental backgrounds
Simplified Indoor backgrounds

Denied List:
Vulgar scenes
*Nudity (Distasteful, Pornographic/overly sexualized)
Mecha/robotic themes
Underage Nudity
BDSM scenes
Bright/obnoxious characters

*Nudity: Nudity is a very subjective thing. Nudity can be tasteful and it can be very distasteful. It is subjective for me to put a clear line to what is tasteful and what is not, if I feel the pose you have in mind is distasteful, I will deny. I will not do portraits that involve the player groping themselves sexually while showing off the genitals/breasts. I will not portray characters in that fashion. Any character that is requested for Nudity must also be over 18, or will be denied.

Payment Method:
Character name: (Name of Character in game that it is going on)
Character type: Human, Anthro, flat-faced, ext ext.
References: (Full references of your character. Do not show up with text/cropped together pieces)
Site: (Optional)
Pose references/ideas:
Nudity?: Y/N
Background idea:

1. [email protected] - PAID- FINISHED- awaiting final confirmation
2. Alexisonfire- PAID- SKETCHING
3. [email protected] - PAID - SKETCHING

Commissions will be closing August 30th, 2013
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