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Author Topic: $20 Ref Sheets  (Read 465 times)

Offline Rottweiler

$20 Ref Sheets
«: July 08, 2013, 08:09:02 PM»
Quad/Feral only; currently not accepting anthro or human.
Standard comes with one full body shot, one headshot at a different angle, color key, name, species, height, age, notes and other info. Full body shot may be flipped for characters with asymmetrical markings.

ADDITIONAL COSTS FOR ADDED HEADSHOTS: $3 simple, $5 complicated*

Paypal, USD only.
I usually draw canines, but I am willing to try any animal!
I will not draw adult/fetish images.
I have the right to decline any commission request.
Pay up front; I only offer full refunds for images not yet started (you do not have to pay until it is your turn; I actually would prefer if you waited, for this reason). 75% refund if I have finished the sketch, 50% refund if I have finished the line art. No refunds past this point. IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND AFTER THIS POINT, YOU RECEIVE YOUR ORDER AS IS, NOT COMPLETED.


I don't have examples of complicated stuff yet but if your character has a bunch of weird/confusing markings, then you can probably assume it falls under complicated. Also wings and such. *Headshots don't fall under complicated if wings/bodily things are the only reason.

Five slots for now. First come, first serve. I will try to complete them in the order they are received. Please keep in mind I am a student so I have other work to do besides art; give me about a week or so from start to finish.

You can reach me at:
FurAffinity, Weasyl, and DeviantART; I check all of them. Also feel free to Skype me. I would prefer to not receive the messages here.