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Author Topic: Seeking Wolf/Canine Designs with PayPal!  (Read 496 times)

Offline Someone

Seeking Wolf/Canine Designs with PayPal!
«: July 13, 2013, 02:53:29 PM»
Realistic Designs Only.
I typically like a monochrome scheme.
The lines can be from wherever, though I prefer that they are personalized.
Try to post the picture here; of you need to post a link to you're dA... that's fine. Though I prefer the picture itself being in this thread.

I don't intend to spend more than $20 on a Design unless it is very elaborate and paired with other artwork, which I will also consider. Thus, my budget will inevitably increase!

Post away~


Offline Jess!

Re: Seeking Wolf/Canine Designs with PayPal!
«Reply #1: August 07, 2013, 07:53:03 AM»
I am selling the design; not the lineart & everything is priced as marked.
Deals and discounts are only offered to those who buy more than three designs at a time.
I do not care what you do with the design after it is purchased.
I do not take alts. I do not take art. I do not take GD.
Life digos, real money, and spaces are the only available methods of payment at this time.
Thank you. Please whisper JESSEH if any of these interest you, as I do not check this often.
I do not sell designs for more/less than what I have bought them for.

1.) $5

2.) $5

3.) $5

4.) $5

5.) $5

6.) $15

7.)  $5

8.) $10

9.) $10

10.) $10

11.) $5

12.) $5

13.) $10

14.) $5

*permission granted from Flash to sell design. :)

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