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Author Topic: Premade snarling wolf portrait  (Read 900 times)

Offline Dainilli / PGF

Premade snarling wolf portrait
«: July 15, 2013, 10:16:09 AM»
I don't really know how auctions work on FAZ but I figured I'd post this here and give this a shot!!
This is a collab with Caliph

There isn't really a minimum increase per bid.

Current bids:
Ellie @ DA - $10
KelticDragon @ DA - $15
Juliet @ Furc - $20
Vicsinn @ DA - $22
KelticDragon @ DA - $ 25

Portrait will be completed/edited for whoever wins the auction. Please post bids below or PM me. Thank you!
We're only accepting Paypal.

Auction ends Sunday, 21st July
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