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Author Topic: Alodie/+design?  (Read 476 times)

Offline FAM

«: July 16, 2013, 03:10:47 PM»
29 December 2012, 3:04 pm

Hello, lovely people of Furcadia. My name is Ravenslie, better known as Iseut because that's the alt I usually creep around on, and recently I've come into a bit of a pickle.

I purchased the alt Alodie from Chip, an upstanding FAM citizen who was absolutely lovely when she sold me to her. I bought Alodie for $30.00 over paypal, everything went super smoothly.

Well, time passed and as finals I was not able to log on. December 23rd, I got an offline whisper message from Dr. Shaw, who claimed the design on Alodie was sold without his/her permission.

I whispered them back my skype info and my FAM name, but have yet to receive a response, which is okay, superduper, yes.

I'm also not pointing fingers at Chip!

As of this moment, I'm trying to get together the appropriate information as to when/where Alodie's design was sold, and all of that. I'd really just like a broad scope of what's going on before I take any action, and if anyone could maybe point me in the direction of a solution.

tldr; Alodie's design is apparently not actually Alodie's design! Need help finding the original owner (Dr. Shaw?) and contacting them about resolutions, and get an explanation of (oh no!) what happened!

P.S. Sending PM to Christine over the matter, as Chip said that was her FAM.

Whisper Logs From Chip

(14:49:54) Alodie: Hey.

(14:49:55) Chip: Inactive -- Sorry, this furre has been away for the last 0 hours and 38 minutes and may have missed your whisper. (Auto-idle)

(14:50:12) Chip: hey  

(14:50:46) Alodie: I'm sorry to bother you, but I wanted to clear something up real quick. You're the person I purchased Alodie from, yes? They didn't sell this alt or something?

(14:50:58) Chip: yup! i'm the person who sold you alodie

(14:52:05) Alodie: Okay, cool..Well, someone named Dr. Shaw whispered me awhile back. He/she basically said "I'm sorry, but the design on this alt was mine, and was sold without my permission." I was wondering if you know this person or had any contact from them?

(14:53:07) Chip: yeah, i got the same message from them a while back as well on FAM, i don't know them personally but if you want to contact them about the design, their fam name is Christine

(14:53:31) Alodie: Okay.. Did you get the message before or after you sold me her?

(14:53:44) Chip: afterwards  

(14:53:50) Alodie: Okay, cool.

(14:54:24) Alodie: I'm going to create a thread just so anyone who knows their two cents can throw in. It's NOT pointing fingers, just so you know! Especially not at you. :) Just didn't want you to freak out.

(14:55:02) Chip: it's fine!! i'm sorry about the misunderstanding and not being able to contact you about the issue   i'm really not sure why they hadn't messaged me before i sold it..  

(14:55:17) Alodie: It's okay! I'm just working to get it resolved now. :)

(14:55:27) Chip: okay  !

(14:55:42) Alodie: Can I post these whisper logs, by any chance?

(14:56:19) Chip: of course!

(14:56:28) Alodie: Thank you! :)

(14:56:42) Chip: no problem  

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