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Author Topic: Atmohspheer / Kid Ink ~UPDATE~  (Read 425 times)

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Atmohspheer / Kid Ink ~UPDATE~
«: July 16, 2013, 03:10:53 PM»
Atmohspheer / Kid Ink ~UPDATE~
17 April 2013, 11:55 am

NEW INFO: After much deliberation, we've come to the conclusion  that Kid Ink is probably an alt of upside down cross and the entire "scamming" affair has been a ruse. One of our members delved deeper into websites posted by this Kid Ink person that are traced back to a "Dane" which happens to be upside down cross' name.  Lately, he's come up with some interesting reasons for the hackings and the missing digos.  I would suggest not buying digos from any of these alts:

Kid Ink

Furcadian Black Market

The Great Deceiver

Leopard Moth

upside down cross

green tea leaves

rap game panzuzu

yung owly mane


Based God

Tyler, the creator

Dane LeFevre

HOWEVER: Maybe, just maybe, he really was hacked by someone. Either way, you'd think all of his accounts would be compromised, as they continue to get hacked. So please, be wary. We wouldn't want your digo being taken away if Cironir was convinced to return the stolen digos to Dane.

Kid Ink Banned FAM Account

Hacker Possibility: Dane created the alt Kid Ink and began to use it to sell his digos, pretending that it was not him.  He claimed he didn't know that Kid Ink was a rapper, however he does have many rapper names, so that is not very believable to begin with. If he can convince DEP that they were stolen, the digos would be returned to him, and he would also be able to keep the PayPal funds, if the digos sold were purchased by gift.  He had spoken with Cironir and posted some whispers, which said that Cironir would not be able to help him with the digos, because it looked as though the alt was using the same computer that Dane was using. Dane has been claiming that there was a trojan on his computer, which is what Kid Ink used to access his information and continually steal his digos.  After some time, and supposedly many tickets and contacts with the guardians, they were not returned. Now, after Dane has changed all of his passwords, he says that Kid Ink gained access to his email address once more, due to having changed the phone number to his own phone number, which also happens to be from the state of Michigan where Dane happens to live.  He then claims that Yahoo let him enter ANY phone number into a field to get a security code to that phone to gain access to the account, however that would be a HUGE security flaw with Yahoo email, if that were to be the case. We tried to replicate this and it was not an option.  After several months, Kid Ink still was able to hack his accounts, after the supposed trojan was removed, and knew when digos were tradeable, despite being moved to a new alt that Dane created, thus having yet another digo supposedly stolen recently.  Also, the hacker never targeted anyone else that also has digos and some of us even clicked the same website where the trojan supposedly came from.  And the alts never show up separate from each other.

TL;DR: Dane is Kid Ink and has been Kid Ink all along. Or Kid Ink is a friend/acquaintance/somethingorother.

Most Likely Scenario: It's entirely possible that Dane just wanted to sell his digos and told us that he was hacked, without really pursuing it with DEP heavily, not wanting to actually have them returned. Many of the digos were gifts and some friends may have been angry with him for selling said gifts, so if he could convince us that they were stolen, we would not be mad at him. However, we wanted to help him out and decided to pursue it fully, helping him contact guardians, fill out tickets, etc etc. He didn't seem to bothered when asked if he was upset that gifts had been stolen, either.

I've considered myself a friend of Dane's for some time now, and I've wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this is just too fishy to be believable.  If anyone can come forward with any evidence or dealings with Kid Ink, it would be much appreciated.


Source: Furcadia Alt Market - Trading Scam Alerts

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