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Author Topic: Stolen ALT - What to do?  (Read 709 times)

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Stolen ALT - What to do?
«: July 16, 2013, 03:10:56 PM»
Stolen ALT - What to do?
7 June 2013, 2:59 am

I bought the alt, Vicky, in December of '09 from the person known as Vin, or Vango. Since then I have ported it. At my fault, I didn't change the password, which should have been done, but I wasn't expecting the following to happen. I recently tried logging into the ALT to find the password had been changed. I went to check what names were registered under my e-mail and found that it had been changed as well. I added the name Vicky to my Pounce list and contacted them to find out who had it. Vango admitted to logging in and changing the password, also said she would change it back..

05/30/13 14:55:16 Vicky: I was gonna buy it from you but I accidentally logged in and thought you weren't using it because a buddy couldn't reach you to ask about it.

05/30/13 14:55:33 Vicky: You gotta change the password. Sure I can't keep it a few more days though? I'll give it back. I promise.

05/30/13 14:55:42 Vicky: I'm not staying, just visiting.

05/30/13 14:56:10 Morrighan: Will you change the password back and let me change the email back?

05/30/13 14:56:42 Vicky: Sure, I'll change it back to what it was for you. You can keep it. I would have liked to but Furc sucks now :/

I will do anything I can to get this name back, however it's no longer my priority. Her attitude and certainty that I can't do anything irritates me. These logfiles date the time of purchase of the alt, and the password that was given to me, as well as verification that she received payment and transfer of the alt.

12/11/09 18:08:35 Jeanine: What about 50$ for Vicky?

12/11/09 18:08:37 Vango: When I get it back, that'd cover the overdraft.

12/11/09 18:09:01 Vango: That'd actually work beautifully. It doesn't feel like too much or too little. #SR

12/11/09 18:09:06 Vango: And you get 50 cents of it back, lol.

12/11/09 18:09:07 Jeanine: Mmk.

12/11/09 18:09:13 Jeanine: Can I pay over paypal?

12/11/09 18:09:32 Vango: Yeah, my account address is ***@gmail.com


12/11/09 18:27:22 Jeanine: It sent $50

12/11/09 18:27:24 Jeanine: to V

12/11/09 18:27:26 Jeanine:  :D

12/11/09 18:27:26 Vango: Okay then!

12/11/09 18:27:38 * Vango just added a donate button to his site for nothing lol

12/11/09 18:27:38 Jeanine: lmfao.

12/11/09 18:27:45 Jeanine: teehee

12/11/09 18:28:03 Vango: All right, the password is..

12/11/09 18:28:07 Vango: ***

12/11/09 18:28:12 Vango: Yes, that's right.

12/11/09 18:28:16 Jeanine: LOL

12/11/09 18:28:33 Vango: Thanks a lot. #SO This is gonna help me quite a lot.

On the log files she also verifies that she had changed the password and e-mail and the intention of RETURNING the alt, in which it is assumed she knew the ALT was in my possession. She also asks to "share" the name, which someone with complete ownership of the alt wouldn't request.

05/30/13 15:00:33 Vicky: Got it. Thanks for understanding, sorry I changed the password on you though. I thought you'd left.


05/30/13 15:02:08 Vicky: I meant to log on Vin and I logged on Vicky. And it went through. #SG

05/30/13 15:04:13 Vicky: I've never shared an alt before, would you share it with me? #SF Would we just have to like trust each other not to change anything? haha

Here is the most recent conversation I had when I tried getting ahold of Vango:

06/05/13 14:42:04 Morrighan: Hi.

06/05/13 14:42:40 Morrighan: I hate to say this, but if this carries on I'm going to report this situation.  :\

06/05/13 15:49:29 vango: 1. It was my alt, I gave it to you.  2. You didn't change my original password. 3. Nobody has whispered me mistaking me for you. I have no obligation to return the alt. #SG

06/05/13 15:49:41 vango: Try, but you will fail.

06/05/13 15:49:53 Morrighan: Okay.

06/05/13 15:50:06 Morrighan: And I bought it.

06/05/13 15:50:17 vango: I gave it to you, silly.

06/05/13 15:50:25 Morrighan: No. I have the logs. :P

06/05/13 15:50:50 Morrighan: And the logs of you saying you changed the password..and the logs of you saying that you would change the password back. :P

06/05/13 15:50:51 vango: You must be lying... You don't even use it. Stop being dramatic.

06/05/13 15:51:11 vango: That doesn't mean I have to. I already asked a guardian and they suggested I put you on SR, but I see no need for it.

06/05/13 15:51:26 vango: Sorry. Peace.

I contacted the guardians and they said:


There isn't much we can do. Alt trading is currently not supported and we have no means to verify either side of the story. I want to say that you really should have changed the password, but you already know that.

I've locked the character until you and Vango work this situation out. You may want to ask on FAM for ideas and assistance from other players. I'll need to hear from both you and Vango before the character can be unlocked again.

What should/can I do at this point? :\

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