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Author Topic: Female anthro portrait. Offering: 5GD or Port Space or art.  (Read 431 times)

Offline Mooku

I'm shopping for some fresh art of Nalah.

She's cute, feminine, silly, smart and fun!
A female lynx, brightly colored, butterfly wings.
Loves daisies.

Accurate references:
http://eccentrickal.deviantart.com/art/Summer-07-63529175 (top right for the wing detail!!)

Current portraits I like:

I can offer 5GD or PORTRAIT SPACES or ART. Maybe a combination if we can agree on something. :)

My art: http://eccentrickal.deviantart.com

Shoot me a PM, post here OR contact Nalah on Furcadia if you're up for it or know of someone I might like. :)

Thanks, friends!