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Author Topic: Art Contest - $100 First Prize  (Read 761 times)

Offline kenzy

Art Contest - $100 First Prize
«: July 31, 2013, 08:46:04 PM»
HELLO. my name is Kenzy and this is my art contest. i love art and i love art of my characters even more. so this is what this contest is for! any kind of art for one of my lovely characters. it can be a non-remap portrait or digital piece.


☞ Any art entered is automatically mine and cannot be resold. If it is a portrait, you are free to edit it and make sure it doesn't look like my character anymore. I'd like to look at it before it's ready to be sold to make sure there's no similarities.
☞ All art entered must be your own. No bases. You will be disqualified if you're caught.
☞ You are allowed to enter more than one piece.
☞ Please let me know if you're entering!
☞ It's possible to win all three prizes. (8/7)
☞ Unless there's three entrants by the end of August, I'll be cancelling the contest. (8/7)


☞ The contest will end SEPTEMBER 5TH
FIRST PRIZE: $100.00



☞ You can read all about her here.
☞ All of her references are here.
☞ She is a species of my own design. Think of her like an incredibly tall, lithe, feline.
☞ She is flat-chested. I tend to draw her with just a little bit of breast, but please, she doesn't have a chest larger than an A cup.
☞ I'd like to see her in scenes near the ocean, thick and lush forests, or in a regal and Victorian/Edwardian setting.

☞ You can read all about her here. (link nsfw)
☞ All of her references are here. (link nsfw)
☞ Henri is incredibly bubbly and the life of the party. She loves everything and everyone.
☞ She is a courier; she delivers mail and large (or small) packages for a living.
☞ Henri is a dragon. She generally stays in her human form, but when she delivers mail she transform into her feral form. I don't have any art of her in this form, so brownie points if you design one!
☞ For the feral design: Her colours are dark brown, light brown, tan, cream and white.

☞ You can read all about him here.
☞ All of his references are here.
☞ He is incredibly short! Well, not too short, but still, shorter than average!
☞ He is also a species of my own design called Vinri. They have "thorns" growing out from their shoulders that secrete a liquid beneficial for Vinri, but poisonous to other species.
☞ The thorns on him are not optional.
☞ He is very brooding and naive.
☞ I also do not have very much art of him in his feral form, so go nuts! The reference for the form is on the link above.




☞ Faeliteas or Henriette on Furcadia
☞ PM me on here!
☞ or e-mail me the entries at [email protected]
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