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Author Topic: PLEASE HELP!  (Read 828 times)

Offline FAM

«: August 03, 2013, 12:00:13 AM»
2 August 2013, 9:06 pm

A really long time ago, I logged onto my character Marry and stayed and chatted with my friends for at least over 2 hours. Than, I reconnected and got a message about Communications Error.  I was nervous when I logged back on, but I did. I logged back on seeing that I was in AI and the last place I had been was Dog Pound. Also, I noticed my colors were changed to black, orange, brown and white, and my last colors were the total opposite, light pink, white, yellow, and tan. I was really worried somebody had gotten onto my character. I changed the password as fast as I could, this time to random letters and numbers to make it more safe. I also changed the e-mail to my alt to another e-mail I currently use. I also did the same with most of my other main alts. After this, I was ok until it happened again in the future  I was worried once again and changed my e-mail and password again. It almost happened like the same thing, expect my colors weren't different but I appeared in a different map. I decided that I was going to get on another character and put Marry into my furcadia pounce. I did. Nothing happened. I then decided I would put up a post about it anywho.

Does anybody know any information about this??

I'm not asking for anything else expect helpful tips and extra information

If you do, please whisper Marry or reply here.


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