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Author Topic: Seeking Anthro and Feral artist!  (Read 338 times)

Offline Nuith

Seeking Anthro and Feral artist!
«: August 05, 2013, 10:58:38 PM»
Why hello there!

Here in the next couple of weeks I think I will be able to get my hands on a bit of money for me to finally get some character artwork done.  The thing I'm looking for is a reference picture of both my characters Anthro and feral form.  NOW:  The hitch!   I want a fantastic artist, but I will admit that I won't have too much to work with.  After I take care of a couple of things I need, mainly getting identification for myself since I moved to a new state, I will be better able to see what it is exactly that I am going to be working with.

So I am searching for someone with passion, and who is flexible as far as their payments systems go.  I don't want anyone to think I am scamming them because that is far from the truth.  I would like to see what different options I have to choose from.  I've also a million ideas floating around my head.  So that means I could throw many a suggestion out, but there is one thing I would like others to keep in mind:  YOU are the artist!  Which means I would, in the end, be paying for your artistic idea and expression of what I can describe of my character.  I would love to see what you can come up with!

So please, either message me on FAZ here, or on Nuith.  I will admit I am on very late at night and don't come through the door from work until almost midnight EST.  Thank you all for your consideration and I hope something will be able to be worked out! 

-Nui <3