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Author Topic: 5 PP or 5 GD ports!  (Read 787 times)

Offline Elsa

5 PP or 5 GD ports!
«: August 14, 2013, 11:00:14 PM»
I'm not too terribly new to the artists' scene, but I'm new to taking commissions and thought I'd be brave by starting here! I'm opening commissions at $5 via paypal or 5 Dragon Scales per single port.

If you would like to do an art trade, that'd be cool too!   :)

Note or whisper me with pose ideas, personality, character references, mood, background preference, anything to help me better understand what you're looking for in a portrait. All I want is to make you happy!!

You will be given a preview or a sketch and I will expect payment after you've approved it. I must request that you not judge my art based on my sketches and lines, I can assure you my pixels come out much better than my sketches!

Edits are free, but if I've completed the entire portrait and you want a bigger edit that doesn't fall in line with simple changes like a color change or small additions like jewelry or markings, it will be an extra $5 dollars.


What I can draw:
- Anthros
- Humans
- Tasteful nudity
- Remaps

What I can't (or won't) draw:
- Non-remaps
- Fetishes
- Ferals (any)
- Gore
- Joint ports (I don't feel comfortable enough with my skill just yet)

I will be opening four slots at a time!


If you have any questions or are thinking of commissioning me, you can PM me on this forum but I'd prefer it if you messaged me in game! My in game contacts are Tar Pit or Muireann

For patches and dreamweaving go to my other page here!
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Offline Elsa

Re: 5 PP or 5 GD ports!
«Reply #1: August 16, 2013, 11:33:29 AM»
Updated with new example