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Offline tooth

«: September 03, 2013, 03:15:19 PM»
Hi guys ~dusts off my tomb of a gallery~

I am doing a handful of portraits, i have a little bit of wiggle room between school and work and i really really could use some extra money. because i need this money, i am going to offer portraits for only 10 dollars usd.
-payment is preferred after i have showed you the portrait.
-2 port limit per person
-pay pal ONLY! no dragon scales, no digos! sorry!

I'll do 2 sets of 5 slots if I can finish the first in a few days time. So if you miss the first check back in a few days or message me. Please include a ref and color code

paypal: [email protected]
portrait examples :

since a lot of these were dont several years ago, keep in mind my techniques have potentially changed a lot, and id like to think for the better. thanks!~

1. bixbite (x2) 20.00 - complete! awaiting payment
2. hemp - (x1) 10.00 - linework started
3. frankie - (x1) 10.00 - not started
4. Kelly (x1)- 10.00 not started

finishing what i have left and closed, sorry guys. work and school load is too much to fit in commissions
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