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Author Topic: Bartering for lines/sketch work  (Read 386 times)

Offline Runetta

Bartering for lines/sketch work
«: September 11, 2013, 11:30:04 AM»
Hello artists!

I'm looking for someone who would be willing to barter some of their artwork for one (maybe more!) of my lifers. I'm looking for some full body art for a character that is a female feline anthro. Short haired and with an athletic build. I do have some existing art of her for reference, so you won't be going in blind! In particular, I'm looking for maybe a few poses in varying outfits. But in a twist, I'm actually looking JUST for lines or really well done sketches. I'd actually like to color it myself! That being said, it's gotta be digital and has to have proper layers and transparency so that I can color it.

In exchange for your work, I'm offering a few choices in lifer. I have, in order of how much I value them personally (the ones at the bottom being the hardest to convince me to give up):

Chinchilla for Life
Squeenken for Life
Flooki for Life
Poneigh for Life
Hyooman for Life
Butterfly Wings for Life
Mythical Ferian Dragon for Life (not terribly likely, but willing to consider!)

I also have a few regular and animated portrait spaces if those interest you also!

If you're interested in my offer, please leave a reply on the Furcadia forums with a link to examples or a gallery of your art and which digo(s) you'd be interested in. I don't check here very often, so I may not see replies here. Or you can whisper me also if that's better for you. If I'm interested, I'll contact you shortly. I might contact more than one artist, so please don't be afraid to reply! Thank you!