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Author Topic: Looking for Shiba/Fleetfoot  (Read 486 times)

Offline Brickstin

Looking for Shiba/Fleetfoot
«: September 22, 2013, 04:21:27 PM»

I wasn't sure where to put this but this really isn't a art theft/commission scam situation:^ I am very sorry if I placed this in the wrong thread/forum area.

I had commissioned Fleetfoot/ shiba/ Ragan to do some ports,

her and I became quite good friends over the months and she was going through some tough times: she started on my ports and did up to a total of four ports:

Reich & Blood

She was talking about how badly she wanted an angelcat for life and at first she was getting the one for a year:

I however decided to help her out and get her the Angelcat for life chest which was 75.00

she did 4 ports so far @ 10.00 a piece so brought it down to a 35.00 balance that she owes me.

a few times a month for a four month period I kept asking if she had gotten the rest of the stuff done because I have more port requests to ask of her possibly or she could pay me the remaining balance. Her and I talked about it but we didn't get into much details of how to settle it as she was hitting a lot of walls IRL with some things going on with her..

Then her health took a dive... I was keeping in touch with her via cell phone communications but then my cell phone broke and I lost her contact info..

I also have never heard from her for months now.. From what I remember the last time me and her spoke was over two months ago possibly three.

And the last time she spoke to me she told me she ran into a situation that delt with her living area..

I won't go into any further details as it is not my place but: I am extremely worried about her.

If anyone is friends with her.. please PM me if you have a way to contact her still and I can give you my cell phone number so you can give it to her. Or my email or something..

I don't even know if she is alive x.x

Please let me know if you got any info of her well being.

Sincerely yours,
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