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Author Topic: emergency commissions!  (Read 363 times)

Offline Daynah

emergency commissions!
«: September 23, 2013, 01:29:47 PM»
i have never done furcadia commissions before, and i didn't think i was ever going to, but i've encountered some unexpected expenses, and i need a boost.

for the time being, i will be doing digital busts only, that will either be simple sketches with minimal shading like this:

or more detailed pieces with color and a simple background like this:

other examples of completed commissions i've done on an avatar site
x (simple)
x (detailed)
x (detailed)
x (detailed)
x (simple)

simple - $5
detailed - $12

paypal only right now!

i will not draw couples or ferals unless you bribe me because it's a miserable experience. otherwise i will draw anthros (i do best without muzzles, but i can draw with muzzles) and humans or monsters or whatever your heart desires.

i'd prefer if you could whisper daynah on furcadia, but if i'm not online, shoot me a PM!

thank you for your time
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